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"MANNA Bible Maps has developed the ability to provide a map to meet any and everyone's needs...they are on the cutting edge in providing their services to the world, to those seeking to make the Bible come alive for their students. Good job!"
- Steve Hewitt, Editor, Christian Computing Magazine


Well designed & useful

Bible Maps is a well designed, extremely useful app, great for any Bible student. Not only does it have a large number and variety of maps, it also has loads of Scriptures and supporting information to go with each one. I found the timelines particularly useful to help place people and events in context. Vivid colors, clean type. Highly recommended!


Really great, colorful maps that you can email to yourself. The author's website has many more maps than the app...


Well worth the price

Blows away anything else that's currently available in terms of its practicality in preparing sermons and doing general study. Other comparable map sets would cost many times this and not provide high-res files for download.

So much information

This is a great Bible study resource. The info button option provides so much information on each map. Great app!

Easy to read

What a great app! Easy to read maps and timelines at my fingertips with me wherever I go? Yes, please!


Perfect and gorgeous maps!!! Extraordinary and comprehensive map set!!!!