Help with Website or App


QUESTION: Maps are blank (black) on my Android device, why? (June, 2019)  This issue has been fixed with the latest release of the app for Android devices. Check to make sure you have gotten the latest release for your device.

QUESTION: I downloaded a map to my mobile device but I can't open the zipped file.  For iOS iPhones and iPads we recommend getting and downloading the free iZip app from the Apple store. For Android mobile devices download and install the free app AndroZip. Both helper apps will allow you to extract the zipped files on mobile devices.  Another solution is to forward the download email to your desktop or laptop computer and unzip the files there.

QUESTION: What comes with a map download? Downloads come as zipped files containing: 1 high resolution PNG file for inserting into PowerPoint or KeyNote presentations, 1 "full-text" PDF for printing, and 1 blanked PDF for printing that can be used to quiz students, etc.

QUESTION: Why don't timelines come with a "blanked" PDF? We considered including "blanked" PDFs with timelines, but decided that timelines without text don't lend themselves to teaching and classroom situations.

QUESTION: How long are download links active?  Download links of maps or timelines remain active for 24 hours so you should download purchases as soon as you can after making them. If you need a link refreshed send us an email at

QUESTION: Are the animated PowerPoint maps still available?  We hope to add a library of animated PowerPoint maps soon.


app frequently asked questions

QUESTION: I purchased the full library of maps but they are not showing up. When you get a new device or if for some reason the map libraries are not showing up after purchase try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. As long as your logged into your same app account you'll be able to restore all the libraries after a reinstall.

QUESTION: Why can't I restore my in-app purchases? Check to see if you may have purchased the Bible Maps libraries with a different Apple or Android ID. If so log out of the Apple or Android ID account and login with the other. Then delete the Bible Maps app and download it again and restore. 

QUESTION: How are the app maps different from the downloadable maps on the website? The app has 86 maps and 13 timelines. The app has a single PNG file for each map or timeline for use in printing or PowerPoint..  The maps downloaded at this website include not only the PNG file but also a detailed PDF and "blanked" PDF of the map (there are no blanked PDFs of timelines).

QUESTION: I bought the app and all the libraries. When I get a new phone or tablet will the maps still be there?  Yes. As long as you use your Apple our Android account you can restore all purchases without having to pay again.

QUESTION: Will there be more maps and libraries coming for the app?  Eventually, but right now new maps are added to this website on a regular basis.

QUESTION: How can I use the maps and timelines?  The maps and timelines are for your own personal use. You may use the maps and timelines in presentations and class materials for classes your personally teach.  Maps and timelines, however, should not be given to others or used in materials others will teach. We have purposefully kept the pricing of our maps and timelines low so everyone can afford them.

QUESTION: Can I use the maps on my website or for publications I might produce and sell?  Not without permission.  The maps and timelines are copyrighted and for your personal use in presentations and classes you teach or sermons you preach. For other uses, please contact us to get prior written permission.

QUESTION: Does the Android app have the same maps and timelines as the iOS app?  Yes. The maps and timelines contained in the app are the same for both iOS and Android.


About download file types

PNG files

Maps and timelines downloaded from our website contain PNG files that are excellent for inserting into PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. Once you purchase and download a map or timeline, unzip the downloaded file.  Then, from within PowerPoint or Keynote select "Insert" and "Picture" and navigate to the downloaded file folder and select the PNG file. Resize as desired.

PDF files

Maps downloaded from this website also contain two PDF's.  One PDF has all the text, the other is "blanked."  PDF's can be opened and high resolution maps printed for use in classes you personally teach. PDF files are also excellent for having posters made of maps and timelines as they retain their high resolution even when enlarged.  Timelines downloaded at this site come with a PNG file and one PDF file. There is no blanked PDF for timelines as a timeline without text is just a series of lines and not very useful in classroom settings.


Bible Maps 5.6 software program

The Bible Maps PLUS software program (version 5.6) is no longer available for purchase for either Mac or PC. We retired the software program in favor of the Bible Maps Plus app that runs on both iOS and Android devices. We re-drew all the maps for the app to make them full-size for projection or printing.

PC users note: The Bible Maps PLUS software still works on PCs, but the installer may not. If you get a new PC, you can first copy the entire Bible Maps folder on your old PC to a CD or DVD and then move the folder to your new PC.  Or, you can contact us at to receive a link to download the program. The downloaded program does not require installation - you simply unzip the file and you're good to go. Be sure to include your serial number in your email requesting a download. Your serial number begins with the letter "M."

PC users printing issue: Some have reported the Bible Maps software maps and timelines will not print. Here is a workaround. Go to a map in the software program and hit the F3 or F5 key on your keyboard.  A window will appear with the map ID number. Make a  note of that ID number then navigate to the Print FL file inside the Bible Maps folder. Locate the PDF that correlates to the map ID number (also note that the letter C= color, B = black and white, 1 = full text, 0 = blanked). Open the associated PDF and the map will appear and be printable.

MAC users: Since Apple went to iOS and stopped supporting classic applications, the Bible Maps PLUS software program for MAC no longer works. However, inside the Bible Maps folder is a folder called PrintFL inside of which are PDFs of all the maps which you can open with Adobe Acrobat and rename.  These PDFs will print.