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Permissions: How May I Use Bible Maps and Timelines?


Personal Use
Our maps/timelines/files are copyrighted and may not be given to others. You may insert maps/timelines/files you have purchased into your own PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, but do not give the files or presentations you create to others if our maps/timelines/files are included. You may make paper copies of the maps/timelines/files for instructional use only for classes you personally teach/instruct.

We have purposefully kept the cost of our maps and timelines low, so if others express an interest in our maps/timelines/files, please direct them to this website where they may download files for their own personal use.  They may also purchase the iOS and Android app which contains 86 of our maps and 15 timelines which can be inserted into PowerPoint or Keynote for personal use.

Publication and Website Use
Over the years we have granted permission to publishers of Bibles, books, class materials, etc. to use our maps and timelines. In most cases we are happy to grant such permissions – sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee.  Additionally, some have used our maps in online projects such as websites, webcasts, and podcasts. Again, we believe our maps will help bring the Bible lands alive, so we are often agreeable to their use in such projects. However, we do ask that you secure prior written permission for such projects.

For use of these maps/timelines/files in publications, websites, or any other medium (electronic or otherwise), please contact us at 

Geography Workbook PowerPoint Files

PowerPoint Files for our OT and NT Geography Workbooks
Purchase and download the PowerPoint files for teaching our two workbooks here: Old Testament Geography and New Testament Geography. Each zipped file contains 13 PowerPoint files for each workbook which provide the answers to the workbooks and other information helpful in teaching the content.. To obtain copies of the workbooks themselves go to

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